Multi Rename Tool - Batch Rename Files for macOS

See how Multi Rename Tool helps you rename lots of files.

  • rename thousands of files in one click
  • realtime name change preview
  • dynamic naming tokens
  • and much more
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How Multi Rename Tool Works

Renaming multiple files usually takes a lot of time if it's done manually. You can do it in almost no time with the smart Multi Rename Tool. Imagine 1000 files that you can rename almost instantly to a name that has a counter or date, or any prefix, suffix, or even changed certain characters.


Dynamic Tokens

Supports dynamic texts such as dates and counters to help distinguish lots of files.


Fast Renaming

Uses a high performance file renaming engine to instantly rename thousands of files.


Search & Replace

Locates and replaces sections of file names with a different text. Can also remove certain sections.

Multi Rename Tool Helps You Organize Files

MRT packs a lot of features designed to help rename 1,000s of files fast and easy

Fast File Rename

No more manually renaming lots of files. Rename files in bulk with one click.


Integrating both light and dark themes, MRT will fit right in with your system theme.

Drag & Drop

Just drag some files or folders inside the MRT window to add them to the list.

Great - Powerful but simple. Does exactly what it should.


Discover the benefits of Multi Rename Tool

Install Multi Rename Tool on your Mac computer and rename documents with ease.

  • Easy to Use
  • Integrates with DCommander File Manager
  • Compatible with macOS 10.10 and above
  • Free updates
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