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Become a Mac Power User

Use macOS software that improves your workflow

Devstorm Apps are Powerful

Here at Devstorm we spend each day developing macOS software that is simple to use, yet advanced enough for any job.

Our focus is productivity and finding out ways to improve all sorts of software-related workflows. For you that means less time spent on difficult software and more time for enjoying things you love to do. This is our mission statement and this is what we deliver with our software.


DCommander - File Manager

DCommander will change the way you manage files on your computer! Approved as a Mac alternative of the popular Total Commander, this software will bring your file management efficiency to a new level.

Use DSync. Use it for backups. Use it to organize your files.

DSync - File Synchronizer

DSync allows you to easily compare and synchronize two folders on your computer.

Three steps is all it takes for DSync to synchronize your files. Select the folders, compare them, synchronize them.

With the advanced algorithms, synchronizing large folders with many files is a breeze.

Find files and content with DFind

DFind - File and Content Search Tool

DFind lets you perform advanced file and folder searches on your Mac.

Need to find all files containing a specific text? Need to find files created in the last hour? Need to find large files that take up all your disk space? Only remember the partial name of a file and don’t know where it’s located?

Then DFind is for you!

Batch rename files with Multi Rename Tool

Multi Rename Tool - One Click File Renamer

Multi Rename Tool is a powerful batch renaming software.

Renaming multiple files usually takes a lot of time if it’s done manually. You can do it in almost no time with the smart Multi Rename Tool. Imagine 1000 files that you can rename almost instantly to a name that has a counter or date, or any prefix, suffix, or even change certain characters.