DCommander Basics


Move, copy, and organize thousands of files in a snap using DCommander, an intuitive two-pane file manager for macOS.

DCommander is a straightforward file manager built to handle jobs of any size. The dual-panel interface is the fastest way to copy files and keep track of both source and destination files, reducing guesswork and ensuring the transparency of each operation.

The app's batch processing features make it easy to handle a high volume of files at once and copy files faster overall. Batch process whole folders with just a click, cutting down on repetitive busywork. DCommander's tab feature allows you to set up and manage multiple files at once, so you're never stuck waiting for a transfer to finish.

While accessible to beginners, DCommander also packs the tools more advanced users need to get the job done. A HEX viewer, checksums, and in-depth file information features give you all the detail you need to make an informed decision about where, when, and how to move your files.

A built-in manager makes adding outside servers and other storage setups a snap. Not only can you connect with FTP and SFTP drives, you can even preview and open non-local files on those drives. It's just another way Dcommander gives you total access when you need it.

Take the fear out of technical work with DCommander and manage files confidently!

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