FaceShape 2.6

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Latest Release Notes:

– improved iOS 7 and 8 support
– now works properly on all 64bit devices


You want to give your face balance. For this you have to consider the shape of your face.

With FaceShape you can easily figure out what the shape your face is. For this you only have to look in the mirror with your hair pulled back, so that the face is entirely visible.

This is a very friendly and easy to use application.

Each face shape has characteristics that will influence the way you look in regard to the style of your hair, makeup, eyeglasses, earrings and eyebrows. With this app you can view some guidelines that are meant to enhance the overall aspect of your face.

– tips for 8 different face shapes
– easy to use interface
– runs on both iPhone and iPad with one single purchase
– free updates

Feel free to experiment and make your own style!